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Travel Possibilities

· Faro, approx 30km/20 miles from Tavira Garden, is the airport of choice. Seville airport, approx 2 hours drive, can be an attractive alternative.o Motorway from both airports except for the last ~5mi/8km. Lisbon or Jerez may be worth looking at but are a 3 to 4 hour drive. Bus and train connections from Lisbon are frequent and inexpensive.

· An direct express bus connects Seville with Tavira. For competitive car rental at Faro, Seville, Jerez, Lisbon airports, etc, click on: http://www.cartrawler.com/affiliates/afullrequest.asp?client=60938.

Driving Directions from Faro Airport

Reception GPS    Longitude: -07.63738          Latitude  37.13520

                                            7°38'14.6'' W                  37°08'06.8'' N


Tavira is approx 35km from Faro airport.  You should take the IP1/A22 Motorway east, direction Espanha (Spain). In Portugal, the motorway speed limit is 120kph, on dual carriageways 100kph, on normal roads 90kph.  DRIVE ON THE RIGHT!  When you are about to leave the airport, please call ahead to give an update on your ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) at Tavira Garden Reception.

In the Tavira exit, take the N270 (direction Tavira and N125).  After ~4km you come to a roundabout on the N125; ignore the Tavira sign.  Follow N125, direction Villa Real do Santo Antonio (V R do Sto Antonio), Espanha.  After ~2km, come to another roundabout.  Tavira Garden is on your left, ~250m after this roundabout.  You are not allowed to turn left into Tavira Garden (continuous white line).  Continue ~250m to next roundabout and turn back toward Faro.  After ~250m, turn right into Tavira Garden, immediately right again to Reception.

Note:  Should you find yourself going into the city of Faro by mistake, follow the well-signposted N125 toward Olhão, Tavira, VRSA, Espanha.  There are several roundabouts on the N125 at Tavira.  The second roundabout you meet is the one where the N270 from the A22 motorway exit joins the N125 – follow the directions above from this point – and call if you are running late!

Public Transport:  It is possible to take a bus from the airport into Faro and to continue by bus or train to Tavira but this can be a time-consuming process unless you are lucky with the connections. We can, on request, arrange a dedicated taxi transfer  (35 minutes, 2012 = € 45,00 for four passengers).

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